I’m starting to feel uncomfortable…

I’ve been exploring lots of adjustments to my teaching this year. Student-centered learning, new topic sequence, standards-based grading, more writing, less lecturing, the list goes on.

Some of these changes are going well, but others need some tweaking, or even an overhaul this summer. I have some great students this year, and they’re pretty easy-going when things don’t go as planned. I’m thankful for that.

I am a lady who appreciates predictability. I like to KNOW that a lesson or strategy will work. But how will I know something new will work unless I try it? How can I improve my class if I just keep do the same old things?

As my friend said the other day, “You can only expand your comfort zone if you’re willing to be uncomfortable.”

I’m just going to trust that being uncomfortable will lead to better experiences and more learning for my students.

Being uncomfortable? – It’s growing on me.


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