I read the news today, oh boy…

A dear friend shared this article today on Facebook: 10 Words Every Girl Should Know. It hit me on many levels, because not only am I a woman, I am a mother to two girls, as well as a teacher to dozens of girls each year. I have a responsibility to teach them how to become productive adults just as much as I have a responsibility to model the behavior I teach.

We all read all sorts of things on the internet: real news, fake news, gossip, fluff, humor, intellectual bits, and so on. Most of this “stuff” gets forgotten, or filed away in the dark annals of our brains. But sometimes, we read a piece of writing that screams to you – SOAK THIS IN – and you know that the author is speaking to you for a reason, and that the ten minutes you spend staring at the computer screen, interpreting the letters, words, and sentences will leave a lasting impression, and will change how you approach relationships and interact with people in the future.